Are you struggling to make a decision about something in your home or business?

Design Details will analyze your design dilemma and find solutions for you. Just send Design Details a couple of clear photos with an explanation of your issues.  

I will provide photos, source products and materials for you.

Please contact Design Details and a quote will be provided.

“Quick Design” Question

$50.00 per half hour phone consultation or Skype

Are you in need of my expert advice?  You can take advantage of my online, interactive consultation service powered by Skype.  From my studio, I will be able to see your space and address your specific questions face to face.


  • Where can I buy area rugs, furniture and art for this area?
  • What type of flooring should I use in these areas?
  • What colour should I paint my walls?

“Show and Tell Design” Question

$100 per hour for research and return email 

Most questions require a minimum of 1 hour.


  • How can I lay out this room? Should I open up a wall?
  • I am selling my property. Where should I put my money to get the best return?
  • I am building a vacation property.  What ideas for floor plan, materials, layout and landscaping can you provide?


Design Consultations

I offer a person to person 2 hour consultation, which provides  ‘hands-on’ design for the home or  business owners.  This consultation provides you with all the information and ideas necessary to begin your project.

Please call for pricing.

*Consultations outside of York Region will be taken on a case-by-case basis.

An additional fee for travel time will be applied.

Give the Perfect Gift
A Design Details Consultation

To purchase Gift Cards for:

– Birthdays, Anniversaries, Milestones
– Special Events, Retirement
– House Warmings, Surprises
– Baby and Bridal Showers
– Commercial and Corporate Events
– Employee Appreciation
– Fundraising and Silent Auction Promotion
– Create Your Own Gift

Gift Certificate Amount:

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