More than ever, society is realizing the quality in “historical decorating” and therefore wants to incorporate unique items into their homes. Furniture built 50-100 years ago, was well engineered and can be “renewed” to its former glory and beyond.

Design Details can advise on this restoration, provide input re: colours, fabric and re-upholstery. Items can be blended to create something totally new and functional and restore life to your pre-loved items.

Are you wanting to restore life into pre-loved items such as “Grandma’s old chair” or are you looking for a unique historic item? We can source architecturally interesting pieces which can be restored in creative ways to make your space unique for your home or business.


Do you need to “refresh” your home and business? If you think your environment could feel better and want input on what to do, Design Details can help you.

Sometimes it is new paint, furniture or accessories which need to be updated to make your home represent your family and enhance your comfort.

In a store, office or commercial property, design issues such as function, flow, lighting or fixtures, could be evaluated.


Your home or business may need some renovation. Attention to detail is provided to “redesign” your interior or exterior space by transforming it to function better, add value to your property and attract customers to your business.

We can provide more environmentally friendly products and construction methods, including eco-conscious materials and sustainable building design practices, when renovating your interiors.

Design Details will consult with you to assess your needs and wants and develop a plan for your design direction.